Knit Avocado Slippers

We have another very beautiful and crazy design for you our dear knitters. Just look at these pictures and imagine how will these Avocado Slippers will be on your feet and how comfortable will become in your everyday life. We hope that after a tough workday when you will be home you will have free time to rest and knit your next project.

Even if you are a beginner you can try and start knitting right now and we know that with this perfectly explained video tutorial you can get perfect results. You just need to follow the hands of the author who has explained everything step by step and clearly. Thanks to the author for the lovely design, the new opportunity, and for the instructions of course.

If you already have slippers and don’t need other ones you can make amazing gifts for the people around you, for your friends or family members. Winter is coming and there will be frosty days so new beautiful and warm slippers are a great gift for everyone.

What about colors? We think the colors are awesome and really go for this avocado design but of course, you can feel free and change them. If you are knitting these slippers for yourself you can choose colors that you like most and if you knitting for your friend or family members think about which colors are her or his favorite. You can also turn on your imagination and add some appliques or ornaments to your new slippers.

Thanks again to the author for the impressive and cute design and for the video tutorial where you can learn everything that you need to know to complete these amazing and warm Avocado Slippers.

Good luck and we hope you will enjoy your favorite handcraft.

Video Tutorial for Avocado Slippers

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