Slippers for The Beginners

Here we have found very beautiful and useful for everyday life Slippers that will be very easy to knit for beginners. We hope you are now free and want to learn something new to improve your knitting skills and in the future make many beautiful and amazing clothes and accessories. Don’t be afraid because in the video tutorial we have found for you author has explained everything step by step and clearly, so you will not have any problems understanding the instructions. Just follow the hands of the author and you will get perfect results.

If you are now free and want to start knitting something beautiful and make another project to make your everyday life more comfortable and pretty this post is perfect for you. If you already have beautiful and cozy slippers, you can knit them for your family members or for your friends. Winter is here and there are cold days and we need to protect our feet from the frost, and we know that air on the floor is the coldest.

Christmas is near so if you want to make an amazing gift for the people you love we hope these slippers will be a good idea. We want to say thank you again to the author for the design, for the creative idea, and for the clearly explained video tutorial which is perfect for beginners to get new experience and knowledge.

We think that these simple slippers will look amazing in any color so if you don’t like you can change of course and knit in the color you like most. You can also turn on your imagination and add some ornaments and cute appliques.

Good luck to you and we hope you will enjoy and will be proud of your results.

Video Tutorial for simple knitted slippers for beginners

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