Knit Simple Slippers

Hello dear readers and crafters. We hope you will love and enjoy this first post about knitting. Here today we have found you an amazing design for the slippers that will make your everyday life more comfortable and beautiful, so we hope you are free now and want to start a new project. Imagine how amazing will be when you are finally at home after tough workday and you want to rest, what will be the best things for you to help you make your home time comfortable, of course, comfortable and beautiful accessories and clothing?

In the tutorial we have found for you you can learn how to knit the amazing and simple slippers for free. Thanks to the author for such a great job, for the design, and for sharing with us her instructions for free. If you have no time now for your favorite handcraft you can save this tutorial for later and also share it with your friends to make their life comfortable and cozy also. The tutorial is explained very clearly and step by step so if you are a beginner don’t be afraid you will get perfect results if you will follow the hands of the author.

The colors the author has used look amazing, but if you want to change feel free because we think these slippers will be pretty in all colors you can imagine. You can also add some appliques and ornament to make them more attractive and personal. We hope you will have a great time and with the results will be happy. Good luck to you and thanks again to the author of these cute and simple slippers.


We hope every new post about knitting and crochet will be interesting for you and motivational to start new projects. make your and your friends’ or family members’ lives more beautiful and happy with us.

Video Tutorial

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