Knit Stripe Slippers

We have beautiful slippers for you today to knit and make your life more beautiful and comfortable. We have a free video tutorial from the author where she explains everything step by step and clearly so if you are a beginner it will be no problem for you to follow and achieve perfect results. these colors are amazing and these slippers looks really beautiful with this design. Of course you can change colors and use other colors that you like most. Thanks to the author for the tough work that she is sharing to us and gives us opportunity to make our everyday life more comfortable and beautiful.

Comfort at home

Just imagine what you need a home after difficult work day to rest. Of course comfortable clothes and slippers. Winter is coming and there will be cold days for which we need to prepare. These Stripe slippers will help you protect your feet from frost and don’t get ill.

There will be more beautiful designs from us for you and don’t miss. Send this design and free video tutorial to your friends and make them happy too. In the tutorial you will find size of the hook and the type of the yarn. If you have some free time for you favorite handcraft bring the necessary supplies and start knitting. Good luck to you and we hope you will enjoy the process fo knitting. We think the results will be perfect for everyone even if you are a beginner. Thanks again to the author for the design, for the idea and of course for the instructions that she gave us to have goog feeling and fell proud with our final product.

Please enjoy and share your results to us.

Video Tutorial

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