Puff Ball Warm Slippers

You might know that in the house the coldest temperature is on the level of your feet because the warm air goes upward so your feet need to be protected in winter especially. If you are a knitter and can create magic with your hands we have found video instructions for you where you can learn how to knit Puff ball warm slippers. You can knit them with your hands and make warm and also very cute and beautiful slippers for your feet.

Thanks to the author for the lovely design and of course for the tough job that she is sharing with us for free. You can start knitting these warm slippers right now and save a lot of money. Christmas is coming and we think you want to make gifts for people around you. On the images design of the slippers are very beautiful and these cozy colors look fantastic but of course, you can change them. these puff ball warm slippers will look great also in green color with red puff balls, or in grey with blue puff balls. You can also turn on your fantasy and add appliques or sophisticated ornaments.

If you are a beginner and want to try don’t be afraid because if you follow the hands of the author you will get perfect results. Just imagine the happy faces of your lovely people when you will give these warm slippers as a gift to them. We hope you have some free time to bring the necessary supplies and enjoy your favorite handicraft.

Thanks again to the author for the clearly explained video instructions and we hope we will see other beautiful ideas and guides from her in the future. Good luck to you dear knitters. Don’t forget to share your work with us.

Video Tutorial For Puff Ball Warm Slippers

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